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Category: LIST OF SUPPLIERS FOR FY - 2017-2018
Number of Subcategories: 25
G01 Stationery and Office Supplies Files: 26
G02 Office Equipment & Consumables Files: 26
G03 Furniture and Fittings Files: 26
G04 Cleaning Materials and Supplies Files: 26
G05 Motor vehicle Accessories Files: 27
G06 Food and Beverages Files: 26
G07 Uniform, Beddings, Sports Gears and Textile Materials Files: 22
G08 Laboratory Supplies Files: 27
G09 Kitchen Appliances Files: 16
G10 Building Materials, Machinery and Hardware Files: 26
G11 Firewood and Charcoal Files: 25
G12 Fuels and Lubricants Files: 25
NC01 Catering Services Files: 26
NC02 Cleaning Services Files: 28
NC03 Fumigation Services Files: 25
NC04 Transport and Handling Services Files: 19
NC05 Service and Maintenance of Office Equipment Files: 23
NC06 Service and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment Files: 23
NC07 Grinding and Milling Services Files: 6
NC08 Service and Maintenance of Elevators Files: 4
NC09 Service and Maintenance of Fire Security System Files: 9
NC10 Hiring Photocopying Services Using Vendor Management Inventory System Files: 25
NC11 Internet Services Files: 23
NC12 Documentary Services Files: 7
NC13 Insurance and Brokerage Services Files: 23

No files available yet for this category!